Hiking, backpacking under a full-moon

Want to try something different? Want an exhilarating experience? Hike under a full moon.

The following post from Modern Hiker reminded me of the first time I’d hiked at night under a giant moon. I was in southern California on the Pacific Crest trail 44 miles north of Mojave. I was in a flat area that passed through occasional canyons, and the trail was wide and open. I needed to resupply and had read from my guide-book of an access route that would get me to State Highway 14. This gravelled access road wound through rock and canyon but it was easy walking.

Eager to get into town, I got out of my bed-roll at 1 a.m. and started off. I didn’t even need my head lamp, the moon was so bright. I could see silhouettes of canyons on both sides of me and blankets of stars above me. I didn’t hear a thing except my sticks as I pushed along in the night. It was awesome. No, it wasn’t a religious experience, and I didn’t choke up, but it was very special.

The following year, on a PCT ridge in Oregon, I had another chance to hike under a full moon. The trail was wide, and it was easy-going as the path meandered back and forth along the open ridge. This time I heard coyotes and owls hooting below me. But that same moon was as bright and vibrant as ever, and it was another special experience.

Pick a flat, easy, unobstructed section like a ridge. Be sure to take a charged head lamp. Bring your significant other, and enjoy a hike under a full moon.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail
Appalachian Trail–Maine

Moon photo taken from internet: Moon Photo Page

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  1. I had a memorable full moon hike while car camping at a remote spot in New Mexico near Anasazi ruins. After my friend and I were a ways along the trail, could hear coyotes (or were they wolves) in the distance, but their calls kept getting closer and finally one hair raising cry caused us to light the bright lantern we carried as we slowly turned around and headed back.

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