Writer and Hiker — Ray Anderson

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

“You climb a long ladder until you see over the roof. You keep climbing and now you see over the clouds. You are writing a book.”  Annie Dillard

LIFT: The Rise of M-L-M

M-L-M stands for Mathe-Lingua-Musica, a new universal language created for humanity. This novel of speculative fiction releases in May 2024.

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Continental Divide Trail in New Mexico – the novel, THE DIVIDE
why hike
Pacific Crest Trail in the High Sierra – the novel, SIERRA
The Appalachian Trail in Vermont – the novel, THE TRAIL
Mt. Liberty photo
Mt. Liberty in New Hampshire – A favorite picture of my family.


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17 thoughts on “Writer and Hiker — Ray Anderson

  1. This “Boston Girl” just finished THE TRAIL, recommended by Lyn Canty, and really liked it! I look forward to meeting you and talking with you about it when you get back to the Pompano book group. Thank you, Ray!

    1. Thank you so much, “Boston Girl” Virginia. I look forward to seeing you and all the others again as well. Bought my copy of “Stoner” to bring with me, today. Happy holidays!

  2. Your new book will be a very interesting book to read. Looking forward to reading it. Your first three books I enjoyed tremendously.
    Susan H.

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