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Hiking tip--water bottle clipBackpacking and Camping tip: water bottle clip

Ever had to twist and reach to grab your water bottle? Ever had trouble slipping a canteen back into your pack without having to take the backpack off?

Hiking Tip: Use a bottle clip.

The green clip you see in the pictures fits snuggly around the necks of water or soda bottles. Look closely and you can see a thick black elastic, which keeps the container secure. I’ve hiked thousands of miles with this clip, and I love its convenience; my water hangs right from my pack belt, at my side.

In the PCT desert areas, I had four plastic water bottles clipped to my pack belt. For hikers who use a different hydration system, such as CamelBak, the clip may not be appealing, but I’ve seen even these folks carrying a spare bottle. I think most long-distance hikers go with plastic bottles to reduce pack weight. Other hikers may stick with canteens, or use wide mouth Nalgene bottles. Use whatever works for you, but the clip is light, inexpensive, easy, and convenient. That’s also true for the common plastic bottle.

You can order these “Quick Draw Bottle Clips” in different colors on the Internet.


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  1. These look like they may work well for me but i’m unable to find them on the internet. Do you have an exact web site? Thanks.

    1. Huh? Now I can’t find the site. I googled “water bottle clip” and got close,but … “Aqua clip” also is close but not what I’d mentioned. I do know that sports stores are selling clips of some type. Sorry about this.

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    It’s so cool, all of the new things people are coming out with to aid hikers. Obviously, back in the day, such things were arguably not needed, but it’s good that people come up with these things to aid hikers and allow them to enjoy their hike in a practical way.

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