“THE TRAIL” novel

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Permit me a post on my début novel, The Trail, a thriller which takes place along the Appalachian Trail. As some of you know, I conceived this novel while thru-hiking the A.T. using the trail name Hamlet. I used my journals and in this novel take the reader from GA to ME.

My book is not just another walk in the woods. And I didn’t encounter anything like the evil I wrote about therein. I had a wonderful experience and returned with a positive outlook on humanity in general and on our young people in particular. However, it is always wise to stay alert in the wilds, and I urge women to not hike alone.

The book is doing fine, but I’m hoping to reach out to the hiking/adventure community. So, that’s why I’m posting here. The Trail is available at any bookstore and on Amazon-as a traditional book or as an ebook. Check it out on my website below.  I’d love to hear your comments about my story. Thank you, and happy trails!

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2 thoughts on ““THE TRAIL” novel

  1. Hamlet, you are in for authorial fun when you finally get to Linden Ponds….the current issue of their newspaper “Tribune” devotes an article entitled “In-House Professors” to a retired professor who teaches continuous learning classes at Linden Ponds. I am sure they will love hearing of your dual career and most certainly will enjoy reading “The Trail”. It’s a very fine book and I enjoyed it and gave a gift. Hope our paths cross again while you are in Pompano. – Virginia Ober (friend of Lyn Canty’s).


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