Save on Gas–Hike on Foot


Here’s a way to save on expensive gas. Rather than drive your family through nice scenery, why not have them experience the pleasures firsthand on foot? To drive and try to experience scenery through a car window, is like looking over someone’s shoulder as he flips through an art book. Go to the gallery!

I bet you won’t have to go far. State parks offer many delights, from nature walks and exhibits to lesser traveled trails. Ask at an outdoor store near you where the nearest places are for hiking with family or friends. Everybody walks, and with gas near four dollars a gallon in some states, now is a good time to park the car and move on your feet.

I’m a member of the southeastern Mass. chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club. There are twelve chapters throughout the northeast, covering New England, New York,  New Jersey, and Washington D.C.  These AMC chapters host weekly hikes and adventures for singles and families, to include bicycling, paddling, climbing, and mountaineering. The activities are rated in terms of difficulty. There is something for everybody, from level nature walks to strenuous climbs.

There are hiking clubs and associations all over the world. Save on gas; go for a hike. You’ll feel good!

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