Hiking Safely #2

Cover of "How to Stay Alive in the Woods&...
Cover of How to Stay Alive in the Woods

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If you are planning to do much hiking, take a wilderness first aid course. Many hiking clubs offer such a course. You can also check out SOLO which offers wilderness first aid courses throughout the country.

From everything I’ve seen and read, one good way to hike safely and avoid injury is to stay hydrated. Drink! Drink when you are cold, drink when it rains buckets. Don’t ever forget to drink. An instructor I had at a wilderness first aid course in New Hampshire advised, drink the first time you stumble, because a stumble could be an indication of dehydration. I make this a habit, thinking if I don’t, the next time I could fall and become injured.

What happens if you run out of water. Change your plan and find it. In an emergency, you can drain puddle water through a bandana or sock and apply a tincture of bleach, if you have it. As I’ve said in earlier posts, I always carry an extra bottle of water for emergencies.

In future posts, I’ll be writing about survival. I’ll be pulling material from How to Stay Alive in the Woods, by Bradford Angier, Workman Publishing Company, 2001 edition.

The picture of the bearskin is from the rustic lodge at White House Landing Wilderness Camps in Maine. The picture of the bobcat is from the visitor center exhibit at Buffalo Bill dam near Cody, Wyoming.

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  1. Good advice – keeping hydrated is key in any weather is key to a successful trip! I posted about running out of water during the summer – it wasn’t fun and I don’t plan on doing it again!!

  2. As someone who is accident prone but loves adventure, I can safely say that knowledge of first aid is priority. I reblogged this on my blog to share with my followers.

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