Hikers and 9/11: A Memorial

Hiking Mt. Lincoln, White Mountains, New Hampshire

9/11 2004 Mt. Lincoln

On September 11, 2004, I hiked the Franconia Ridge in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. My friends and I didn’t realize that hikers had prepared to install a USA flag on all the 4000 foot peaks in New Hampshire that day. It was to commemorate those killed on 9/11, three years earlier. This commemoration still happens every year on or about September 11. It’s called “Flags on the 48” and you can read all about it here.

For my hiking buddy, Hank, facing us next to the flag, the day brought back harsh memories. He had been working at his desk on the 61st floor of the north tower when it was hit.

Here’s to all the lost lives, fire-fighters, survivors, and anyone else associated with that dreadful day. We salute you!

Hiking Mt Lafayette, White Mountains, New Hampshire

9/11 2004 Mt. Lafayette

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