Appalachian Trail Thru-hikers: Tropical Storm Irene

Tropical Storm Irene's havoc on hikers in Vermont mountains

You might not think that tropical storm Irene would affect Appalachian Trail hikers. Think again. Although Vermont got hit the hardest and most A.T. thru-hikers are now in Maine, the storm has had rippling effects. While reviewing here’s one example I found from “Rusty Bumper’s” journal.

See what I mean? He’s in Maine and the storm not only messed up his hiking, it also fouled up other plans; his friends were driving 350 miles to see him.

And this from a former A.T. thru-hiker reporting from Vermont.
Matt Porter 3:13pm Aug 30
Kung Fu here reporting from Killington, VT. The devastation here is unbelievable. Mother Nature created her own path down the mountains and into the valleys taking down roads and bridges in all directions leaving us on a virtual island. I have to think that thru-hikers are going to have a tough time getting across any water crossings in this area even after the waters subside. I’m sure they’re a hardy group though as we were and will persevere.

Some hikers, I’m sure, have been unable to post updates because they’ve been stranded and are waiting for water levels to recede. Hikers who are still in Vermont may be without power.

We wish the best to all hikers who braved tropical storm Irene. Hopefully, the worst is behind you.

Photo borrowed from the Internet, courtesy of Springfield Vermont News

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2 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail Thru-hikers: Tropical Storm Irene

  1. Did you see that Rusty Bumper broke his leg on the day of your entry (9/2) when he had 88 miles left to go?

    Dawn (M&M AT ’07)

    1. Sad to say, I did, but after I had posted. It is very unfortunate, but I tip my hat to him. Eighty-eight miles is not far (after all he completed), and he can finish the trail next year, or any time, after he recovers. I hope Rusty tells me when he does finish; I’d like to do a follow-up post for him. Meanwhile, all the best.

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