Thru-hike Training # 2

Thru-hiker in training for the Appalachian Trail
Mike, hiking with the Appalachian Mountain Club
Remember Mike? We met him here three months ago when he began training and preparing for a 2012 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.
Since then, he has lost 35 pounds, more than doubled his training-pack weight, and increased his hiking mileage from 4 miles a week to 20 miles a week.
Mike, who gave up smoking two years ago, is 68 years old and maintains the right attitude. “My goal is to begin and finish an A.T. thru-hike, but if fate has other plans, I’ll go as far as I can and go back to finish the following year.”
Meanwhile, Mike studies the literature and keeps on hiking. He follows current A.T. thru-hikers on and learns about their problems and solutions.
Mike and I hike every Thursday evening with the southeastern Massachusetts chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). We hike for two hours in varied terrain, sometimes with headlamps. With others in the group, we get to talk about gear, ask questions, and learn.
Joining a group like AMC is an excellent way to prepare for a long-distance hike. Mike is doing all the right things and is consistent and persistent with his training.
Press on, Mike; we wish you every success!
 Springer Mountain's Appalachian Trail terminus

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2 thoughts on “Thru-hike Training # 2

  1. Hi Ray, just to update you on how my Training plan for my 2012 thru hike is going. On October 19 I hiked Mt. Monadnock after completing the hike I decided that I needed to revise the training plan. Add MORE BIG MOUNTAINS. With everything that I have been doing it still did not prepare my legs for that hike, espescially the decent, My legs were really hurting, so I am planning on several more hikes in NH before the end of the season, also I am planning a 4 day shake down trip in a few weeks. I should have been doing this sooner.

    1. Good thinking, Mike. And here’s another idea. Give the Skyline Trail in Blue Hills a try. I did it Saturday with AMC and it was a good workout, reminding me of the A.T. It’s an eight mile continuous stretch, so you’ll need someone to park your car at one end so you can start your hike from the other. Keep me posted and happy trails!

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